Universal Rotator

Universal drivers for the Pyxis and Aquila Families.

Optec Universal Rotators

Drivers and software compatible with the Aquila, Pyxis LE, Pyxis 2" and Pyxis 3" models.

Name Requirements Download
Optec Rotator ASCOM Driver Windows 10+ with ASCOM Platform 6.6 SP1 and above Download
Alpaca Linux (AMD64) Driver Linux with AMD64 CPU Download
Alpaca Linux (armhf) Driver Linux with armhf CPU. Tested on Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu Download
Alpaca Linux (aarch64) Driver Linux with aarch64 CPU. Tested on Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu Download
~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.3.0 5/30/2024 Added support for Aquila Rotator
Added Alt-Az de-rotation mode
Reworked device setup for ASCOM driver UI
Updated Linux AppImages to not require libfuse2
Changed software name to Rotator Commander
Updated to .Net 8
Reworked add / remove rotator functions for ASCOM driver
3.2.0 2021/07/28 Updated to .Net 4.8 to handle SSL issue
Updated to IRotatorV3
Major backend driver improvements
3.1.1 2017/11/13 Fixed an issue where SkyPA in the Commander program did not work with relative moves
Fixed a connection issue for the Pyxis Gen 3
Updated to new libraries
Several Commander Settings are now instanced
Improved update notifications
3.0.2 2017/09/21 Fixed issue with Windows 10 .Net on installation
Fixed issue with Windows 10 not detecting Pyxis LE
Fixed separate issue with Pyxis LEs not being detected with certain USB devices
Fixed bug where the Commander Program would not start on first double click
3.0.1 2016/07/22 Improved user interface
Fixed bug with shared connection
Automatically loads device setup when connected.
3.0.0 2016/07/13 Initial Release of driver

Gen 3 Rotator Firmware

Gen3 Rotator Firmware

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.1.0 5/30/2024 Added Aquila Support
General fixes and improvements
Improved homing and current control
3.0.1 2021/07/09 Initial Public Release