Downloads and software resources

Optec offers a variety of first and third party solutions for controlling our products. Our goal is to make it so you can use our products with whatever control solution you prefer. Here is a general summary of the types of solutions that we offer.

ASCOM and Alpaca drivers

ASCOM and Alpaca are open standards for controlling astronomy equipment. Optec provides first party Windows drivers and cross-platform Alpaca support for all our products. This enables any Windows, Linux, macOS or IOS client software with ASCOM or Alpaca support to control our devices directly. Optec also includes an ASCOM based control program with the drivers that enables operation without any other software.

TheSkyX X2 drivers

Optec has partnered with Software Bisque to develop native X2 drivers for TheSkyX. Optec developed most of these drivers and works with Software Bisque to provide updates to support our products. You can find out more about TheSkyX here.

INDI and StellarMate

INDI is an open source project for astronomical device control. While the project is maintained by the INDI community Optec has and will continue to contribute fixes and updates to the open source INDI drivers so they work with our products. You can contact Optec support and the INDI community if you run into issues with INDI drivers and Optec devices.

StellarMate is a all in one solution that uses INDI drivers and Ekos for Linux based observatory control and works with most Optec products.

Software Development Kits

Optec offers SDKs for several products. You can find these on the Optec GitHub page. We will add more SDKs and development resources as we go forward.

Sample scripts and demos

Many of our products and drivers support scripting for easy automation. Several of our help files include examples. We are also creating a Git repository of samples, which will be available on our GitHub.


Alnitak Products

The Optec Alnitak Line including the FlipFlat, FlatMan, DustCover, XL and XL2 panels.

AltAz Derotation Server

Optec AltAz Server and FTDI Drivers.

Filter Wheels

Optec FilterWheels including the IFW, HSFW and IFW2.


Optec Focusers including the FocusLynx, ThirdLynx, Gemini and TCF-S Classic.

FTDI VCP Drivers

FTDI VCP Drivers for Optec Serial Cables.

Legacy Products

Optec Legacy Product Downloads.


Optec Perseus software and drivers.


Optec Rotators including the Pyxis, Gemini and Aquila families.