Optec Perseus software and drivers.

Perseus 4-Port Instrument Selector

Developed as an ASCOM Local Server, the new Perseus driver is based upon the ASCOM Switch interface with custom actions for higher level clients. Package includes interface client for naming and selecting each port, scripting capability, and documentation for implementing ASCOM switch interface. Version 3 software is compatible with Perseus 4-port Instruments Selectors having Generation 3 and Generation 2 firmware version V1.10 and above.

Name Requirements Download
Perseus ASCOM Driver Windows 10+ with ASCOM Platform 6.6 SP1 and above Download
~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.1.1 2023/08/29 Fixed issue if no COM ports are attached
3.1.0 2022/04/19 Fixed timeout issue with G1 Perseus moves
Telescope and Focuser connections and offsets are now optional
3.0.6 2021/05/11 Fixed check for updates issue
Updated to .Net 4.8
More backend improvements
3.0.5 2021/03/18 Improved error handling for Perseus G1
Improved handling for setup with some drivers
Updated to new ASCOM Interfaces
Backend improvements
3.0.4 2019/06/10 Removed dead menu options
Added exit option
Added missing focuser connect button
3.0.3 2018/07/19 Added Static IP functions for Generation 3
Added automatic connection option –ac for the commander software
Improved setup dialog to show connection options on the main form
General improvements and bug fixes
3.0.1 2017/11/09 Fixed an issue that stopped the driver from working with Perseus Gen 2s with firmware older then V2.
Fixed an issue where the Firmware Update Tool would not display firmware version when using a hardware serial port
3.0.0 2017/07/28 Initial release with support for the new Generation 3 Perseus
Several UI improvements
Improved stability

Perseus Firmware

Firmware for the Generation 3 Perseus Instrument Selector

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.0.3 2018/07/25 Added Static IP functions
3.0.2 2017/11/21 Improved Torque Curves
Fixed build issue that caused larger firmware tables
3.0.1 2017/08/10 Added Ethernet stack fix to improve stability
3.0.0 2017/07/28 Initial release