Lynx Family

Complete Lynx family of focusers.

Lynx Family Focusers

The Optec Lynx Family of focusers includes the FocusLynx, ThirdLynx and TCF-S LSI models. The FocusLynx software and drivers works for all members of the family.

FocusLynx Software

FocusLynx Commander, ASCOM driver and Alpaca driver. Supports the FocusLynx, ThirdLynx and LSI families of focusers. All drivers are multi-instance, they can support multiple focusers at the same time.

Name Requirements Download
FocusLynx ASCOM Driver Windows 10+, .Net 4.8, ASCOM Platform 6.5 SP1 and above Download
FocusLynx Alpaca Driver (Windows) Windows 10+ Download
FocusLynx Linux Alpaca Driver (AMD64) Linux with AMD64 CPU. AppImage support. Download
FocusLynx Linux Alpaca Driver (armhf) Linux with armhf CPU. Tested on Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu Download
FocusLynx Linux Alpaca Driver (aarch64) Linux with aarch64 CPU. Tested on Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu Download
~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.3.3 2023/09/06 Fixed issue with serial port number collisions
3.3.2 2023/08/31 Fixed issue with serial port id read
3.3.1 2023/04/03 Displays serial type when available
Faster loads on Windows
Allow Firmware Updates without verifying connection
Fixed incorrect version being returned to ASCOM Clients
Fixed issue with ThirdLynx firmware update tool
Fixed Alpaca issue with Homing Focusers and Max Position
Updated to latest version of ASCOM Libraries
3.3.0 2022/12/20 Added KeyPad to FocusLynx Commander
Updated libraries
Fixed a thrown exception when no probe was present
Improved automatic connection recovery
3.2.8 2021/05/24 Added detection for TCF-S Classic devices
Allow Sagitta Focusers to set maximum position
3.2.7 2021/01/06 Updated to latest FocusLynx support
Added support for new device types
Improved logging
Added support for Home On Start
3.2.3 2020/07/16 Fixed an issue with unit conversions in FocusLynx Commander
3.2.2 2020/07/02 Fixed issue with Temp Comp settings and some computers
3.2.1 2020/06/05 Added more support for the LSI
3.2.0 2020/05/22 Updated device type descriptors for clarity with non-Optec motors.
3.1.0 2019/06/27 Major release
Added support for the new Thirdlynx devices
Added support for ASCOM Alpaca
Added support for multiple hubs
Added support for dynamic ASCOM drivers
2.1.2 2018/04/05 Added new device type TCF Long Travel
Fixed issue with the setup dialog and unknown device types
New and improved setup dialog
2.1.1 2018/03/15 Fixed an issue where some old firmware could not be updated with the firmware update tool
Changed message if temperature compensation could not start.
2.1.0 2018/02/22 Added improved error messages for connection failures
Added reboot button to firmware update tool
Updated Static IP to use new functions
Fixed internationalization issue in temperature offset
Fixed one case where it takes 2 tries to reconnect after a failure
Fixed issue where it shows both focusers connected while reconnecting
Reduced logging the absence of WiFi boards.
Improved firmware update tool
2.0.8 2018/01/04 Now supports UDP search for Ethernet and WiFi connected hubs
New NightMode for FocusLynx Commander
Reports on main form and on moves if no device is selected
Hides WiFi password / key until a show button is pressed
Can detect, report and automatically fix certain Windows program settings cache issues
Fixed issue where the status would report disconnected, even when connected
Fixed issue where both Focusers would be displayed when only one was to be displayed
2.0.7 2017/12/11 Cleared up naming for the Leo Hi-Speed option.
Added support for automatic reboots for firmware updates.
Improved WiFi connectivity. (For best results requires MBFW 2.2.2 and WiFi FW1.2.0)
Added Homed and Homing status messages
Fixed internationalization bug with temperature offsets
Fixed bug with temperature offsets functionality
Added support for new Gen 2 WiFi boards
Fixed possible crash when resetting WiFi boards
Fixed an issue with WiFi passwords longer then 16 characters
2.0.6 2017/07/14 Added TCF-Leo Hi-Torque focuser option.
2.0.5 2017/06/22 Added support for the Optec LEO Focuser (Requires MBFW 2.1.3)
2.0.4 2017/05/04 Now supports scanning for WiFi (require MBFW 2.1.2 and WiFi FW 1.10)
2.0.3 2016/09/14 Fix an internationalization issue where temperature might not display correctly in 2.0.2.
Shows if you have an in/out keypad connected.
Display if any updates are available at the bottom of the form.
Better handling of sub-forms with always on top set to true.
2.0.2 2016/08/31 Added support for Meade DirectSync Focusers (requires firmware 2.0.2)
Fixed several minor UI bugs
Added auto reconnection capabilities to the Ethernet connection
Improved Ethernet connectivity*
*(Note: to get the best performance with Ethernet you will need firmware 2.0.2. Although the enhancements improve the Ethernet experience they are not a replacement for a reliable connection.)
2.0.1 2016/07/12 Some messages reworded for clarity
Added support for the new LSI Focuser
Added support for 255 step backlash (requires firmware 2.0.1)
Absolute Focus Adjust now defaults to the midpoint
Now keeps some user settings after update
Updated signatures for Windows 7,8,10 compatibility
Fixed bug where the status message would display disconnected while (only) focuser 2 was connected
Fixed bug where if Focuser 2 was the only one displayed starting the setup dialog for Focuser 1 would open the setup dialog for Focuser 2 and vice versa.
Fixed bug where if Focuser 2 was the only one displayed the menu connects/dis connects would connect/disconnect the wrong focuser
2.0.0 2015/10/02 Increased focuser maximum movement range to 999,999 steps
Added user defined focuser ranges
Updated temp comp for homing focusers
Updated movement speeds for hand controllers
Added reverse for keypads
Added the Posidrive focuser
Added memory checksums and error recovery
Added detection and message for keypad use
Updated focuser control webpages
Added user defined step sizes
FW, WiFi FW, web pages and commander all synced to version 2.0.0
1.3.5 2015/08/26 Added step size calibration. Improved reverse behavior and connection behavior.
1.3.4 2015/03/25 Added reverse to the FW and SW.
1.3.3 2015/03/03 Bug fix to correct failure for default DHCP Client to pick up valid IP address from DHCP Server upon power up
Added compatibility to read the DHCP client state with new firmware v1.0.8,
Improved parser for backward compatibility with older firmware versions.
1.3.2 2014/12/12 Minor communication bug fix, now drops when it should drop. Now changes Home/Sync on main form when focuser type is changed in the settings form.
Changed a minor issue where the focuser 2 temperature box flickered.
1.3.1 2014/11/17 Bug fixes for wired ethernet Static IP mode.
Added user prompt for firmware version update.
1.3.0 2014/10/28 Added Static and DHCP IP modes, menus and dialogs.
Static IP requires firmware v1.0.7 or higher.
1.2.8 2014/10/23 Added default center sync position of 32,766 for non-homing focuser types,
Improved layout for Sync/Home Button section of main form,
Updated FocusLynx Command Processing document to revision 3.
Updated FocusLynx.chm help file to revision 1.08.
1.2.7 2014/07/01 Various property changes to Sync input fields.
Renamed Focuser Device Types to reflect motor type.
Added DirectSync TEC Focuser Type.
1.2.6 2013/04/24 Added "Robo-Focus motor" selection using RA focuser profile.
Requires Firmware version V1.05
1.2.5 2013/03/14 Changed Focuser Type selection list as follows:
Renamed "Starlight FTF Micro-Touch" to "FeatherTouch Motor Hi-Speed"
Renamed "Starlight MPA/TRF Micro-Touch" to "FeatherTouch Motor Hi-Torque"
Removed "Starlight FTM SCT Micro-Touch" selection
Removed "TCF-Lynx ET" extended travel focuser selection
Added "StellarVue Focuser" option
1.2.4 2012/12/07 Set all device types to ASCOM "Absolute" focusers, fixed Sync/Home button in FocusLynx Commander.
1.2.3 2012/10/22 Minor release update should be performed with Firmware update to V1.0.3.
Changed Absolute property to return true only if DeviceType[0] equals 'O'.
Added Sync Units to main form.
Added new device types for Optec Feathertouch motor assemblies - device types FA, FB and Televue TA
Renamed focuser designations, added SYNC/HOME to FocusLynx Commander main screen.
1.2.2 2012/05/23 Fixed "hanging server" issue by adding driver deconstructors.
1.2.0 2012/04/11 Added controls back in to ASCOM.LocalServer form.
Set WindowState to minimize and ShowInTaskbar set to false.
1.1.9 2012/04/10 Updated properly formatted help file and pdf.
1.1.8 2011/16/11 Added Sleep statement to receive thread in order to reduce the demand on CPU resources.
1.1.7 2011/07/11 First publicly released version

Firmware Updates

FocusLynx Firmware

Firmware for the FocusLynx controller hub.

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
2.4.1 2023/10/04 Increased torque for FastFocus during homes
2.4.0 2023/06/02 Fixed issue where a disconnected focuser could report homed until it failed to move
2.3.9 2023/04/07 Fixed issue with Sagitta 2 maximum position
2.3.8 2023/01/31 Improved homing for LEO and FastFocus Focusers
Only applies Backlash moves when changing directions
Improved temp comp for large temperature changes
2.3.7 2021/05/24 Added Sagitta 2
Improved temp comp at start
2.3.6 2021/01/26 Added support to turn off Home on Start
2.3.5 2020/09/28 Fixed issue where reversed focusers could not move to extremes of range
2.3.4 2019/07/23 Adjusted speed for the Sagitta Off-Axis Guider to increase torque.
Added support for the new configuration webpages.
2.3.3 2019/04/18 Tuned TCF-Lynx3 motor speeds to improve sound and reduce vibration.
2.3.2 2019/02/26 Added device type OK, Sagitta Off-Axis Guider.
Changed backlash compensation behaviour. When active, BLC now only occurs with outward movements after a change in direction rather than on every outward move.
2.3.0 2018/07/11 Added device type OC, the TCF Long Travel Focuser
Changed temperature compensation for the Leo focusers
Changed temperature compensation values to default to 0
Fixed bug where Sync would not return the correct message
Fixed issue where Leo focusers could fail to home from position 0
2.2.3 2018/01/05 Increased Ethernet ram.
Fixed temperature compensation bug.
Removed Security Key for compatibility reasons
2.2.2 2017/08/30 Added code to detect if a FastFocus and a Leo are switched or have their device type set incorrectl
2.2.1 2017/8/17 Adjusted Leo Hi-Torque and Hi-Speed settings to better handle colder temperatures
Added code to halt FastFocus upon home if the switch is not detected
Added checks for disconnected cables and homing focusers
2.2.0 2017/8/09 Added support for TCF-LEO Hi-Torque Mode
Added REBOOT Command
Added check for disconnected FastFocus and Leo models
Majorly reduced ping time
Majorly reduced command processing time
Majorly improved Ethernet recovery
Fixed a save issue that could occur when halting and rebooting without moving again
Fixed a blocking issue in home switch
2.1.3 2017/7/11 Added support TCF-LEO
Added support for setting configuration through webpages
2.1.2 2017/5/04 Added support for WiFi scanning
WiFi webpages now support long travel focusers
WiFi webpages now support reverse
2.1.1 2017/4/25 Speed boost for the Optec FastFocus Focusers
2.1.0 2017/4/12 Added dynamic ramping to focuser motor speeds
Major improvements to Hand Control response times
2.0.2 2016/8/25 Added support for Meade DirectSync Focusers.
New TCP/IP code to improve connectivity over Ethernet
2.0.1 2016/7/12 Minor bug fixes and version sync
2.0.0 2015/9/11 Increased focuser maximum movement range to 999,999 steps
Added user defined focuser ranges
Updated temp comp for homing focusers
Updated movement speeds for hand controllers
Added reverse for keypads
Added the Posidrive focuser
Added memory checksums and error recovery
Added detection and message for keypad use
Updated focuser control webpages
Added user defined step sizes
FW, wifi FW, web pages and commander all synced to version 2.0.0

LSI Firmware

Firmware for the LSI 2" and 3" focusers.

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.0.2 2021/07/29 Added Home On Start flag to Focuser Config
3.0.1 2021/07/07 Fixed an issue with Temp Comp not working correctly
3.0.0 2020/06/04 First Release

ThirdLynx Firmware

Firmware for the Optec ThirdLynx line of focusers.

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
3.0.3 2022/12/21 Correct temperature compensation bug for negative temps.
3.0.2 2020/10/27 Added support for Radian focusers
3.0.1 2020/02/25 Added support for power check LED
3.0.0 2019/06/19 Main release.

FocusLynx Hand Controller Firmware

Firmware that runs on the Optec Hand Controller

~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
1.3.0 2018/1/29 Added support for hiding menus
Added support for storing and retrieving settings from the hub
Fixed issue with blinking Temperature readout
Added Home option for Optec focusers
Added new message if syncing without a device type set.
Now sends firmware version to hub
Fixed issue where the position was being requested significantly faster than intended
1.2.5 2017/5/04 Added support for rotary encoders
Fixed menu jumping
Speed up transaction speed