TCF-S Classic

TCF-S/Si legacy focusers.


This includes the TCF-S and TCF-Si, not the modern TCF-LSi

ASCOM Driver

TCF-S (Classic) Focusers

Windows installer program for the TCF-S Control Program and ASCOM Driver version 6.0.6. ASCOM Driver with local server and TCF Commander client software. Includes advanced setup options for the TCF-S, TCF-Si, TCF-S3 and TCF-S3i focusers.

Name Requirements Download
Windows ASCOM Driver Windows 10+ with ASCOM Platform 6.5 SP1 and above Download
~Archived Downloads~
Version Date Note
6.0.6 2017/12/06 Fixed an issue where the program could appear off screen and not maximize.
Added an option to allow moves while in temperature compensation mode.