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Section 1.4 - Configuration Of The FocusLynx Hub

The FocusLynx focuser hub accepts three different forms of computer communication protocols and connections: RS-232 for Serial-USB, Wired Cat5e Ethernet, and Wi-Fi wireless Ethernet (using the optional Wi-Fi Add-in Board). Consequently, there are a variety of ways to configure the FocusLynx Commander software for use with a computer.  Each method works equally well for controlling focusers through the hub, so the best choice is very much dependent upon the user's preference and observatory local network configuration.

Configuring A Connection Using FocusLynx Commander

FocusLynx Commander is an easy-to-use, all-in-one program for controlling your focusers through the FocusLynx. It can handle connections of all three types. Instructions for connecting with each type of connection are given in detail below:

Configuring A Connection Using The FocusLynx Control Website

Another option for controlling focusers through the FocusLynx is to use the webpage that is automatically generated by the FocusLynx onboard web server. This webpage is accessible whenever a FocusLynx hub is connected to a computer by Ethernet or Wi-Fi. As FocusLynx Commander is only compatible with Windows systems, using the webpage is a much better option for Mac and Linux users. Additionally, once the webpage is configured, owners of smartphones may access this webpage to, in essence, turn their phone into a hand controller! Instructions for connecting with either connection option are given in detail below:

Configuring A Direct Serial Connection Using A Serial Terminal Application

In addition to the options described above, commands may be sent to control focusers through the FocusLynx by using the Optec Terminal Application or another serial terminal application to directly send commands to the focuser hub over a serial connection. Instructions for connecting to the focuser hub via a serial terminal application are given in detail here: