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Section 1.4.3 - How To Configure A FocusLynx Commander Wi-Fi Connection

WARNING: Do not plug any focuser into your focuser hub until you have completed the Set Focuser Type step described below. If you do not wait, you may cause severe, permanent focuser damage.

FocusLynx Commander is a suite of focuser hub control tools developed by Optec specifically for use with the FocusLynx focuser. To configure this software to operate over a Wi-Fi connection, follow the directions below:

WARNING: To connect to the FocusLynx via Wi-Fi, purchase of the Wi-Fi Daughter Board is a necessity! If you have not purchased this board, you must use another method to connect to the FocusLynx! Additionally, your computer must be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks!

Note: To perform the connection to the focuser hub over Wi-Fi, it is possible to connect automatically to the network that is auto-generated by the FocusLynx, or if you are already connected via another method you may swap to any Wi-Fi network using the Wi-Fi setup dialog.



Congratulations! Your hub and focuser are now ready to use! You may use the current configuration to connect or disconnect from a focuser by clicking the Connect or Disconnect buttons in the Setup Window, the Connect or Disconnect buttons in the Focusers menu of the main window, or by clicking the LED above each focuser information display in the main window.