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Section 1.4.6 - How To Configure A Direct Serial Command Connection

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please complete the steps described on the Quick-Start Guide you received with your FocusLynx focuser hub through Configuring Focuser Type. These steps are also listed in the Quick Start portion of this manual. Failure to perform the focuser type configuration procedure may result in severe, permanent damage to your focusers!


       Port Number: Variable

       Baud Rate: 115200

     For other serial terminal applications, you may also have to specify these options:

       Parity: None

       Byte Size: 8

       Stop Bits: 1

The port number of your focuser hub is determined by which serial port on your computer the hub is connected to. If you are not sure which COM port your focuser hub is plugged into, guessing and checking among the available options should work, as there will be very few COM ports on any given computer. If you encounter persistent problems determining which COM port to use, contact Optec for assistance.

Congratulations! Your focuser hub is ready to receive focuser commands directly from your terminal application!