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Section 1.4.5 - How To Configure A Web-Based Wi-Fi Connection

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please complete the steps described on the Quick-Start Guide you received with your FocusLynx focuser hub through Configuring Focuser Type. These steps are also listed in the Quick Start portion of this manual. Failure to perform the focuser type configuration procedure may result in severe, permanent damage to your focusers!

WARNING: To connect to the FocusLynx via Wi-Fi, purchase of the Wi-Fi Daughter Board is a necessity! If you have not purchased this board, you must use another method to connect to the FocusLynx! Additionally, your computer must be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks!

As an alternatiive to the FocusLynx Commander control software, the FocusLynx focuser hub can be controlled via a webpage. This webpage can be accessed and configured through either an Ethernet Connection or via Wi-Fi. To access and configure the webpage, follow these simple steps:

Note: There are several methods that can be used to connect to the board via Wi-Fi. Please pick ONE of the following options:



            Note: The following instructions are only necessary if you want to switch to a new WiFi network.



Congratulations! Your focuser hub is now configured to work over the Wi-Fi connection of your choice! This ability is not limited to regular computers. The control website has been designed to accommodate Android and iPhone smartphones, so accessing the webpage with these devices is now possible!