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Optec ASCOM Server

Multiple ASCOM Client Access for any ASCOM driver

What is a Local Server  and Why is it Needed?

Note: all Optec drivers are already Local Servers and should not be placed behind the Optec ASCOM Server.

ASCOM Local Servers, more commonly known as "hubs", allow multiple ASCOM clients access to a shared device or resource, regardless of the device connection protocol.  As long as the device has a working ASCOM compliant driver, the Optec ASCOM Server will act as a shim allowing multiple clients access to the driver and device. 

So if you're using a serial rotator, for example, with a valid ASCOM driver and wish to have simultaneous access to the rotator through Maxim D/L and CCD AutoPilot, the Optec ASCOM Server will create and maintain the multiple connections seamlessly and easily.

Like the Optec Alt-Az De-Rotation Server, the Optec ASCOM Server creates a Local Server object that can connect to multiple ASCOM device types (i.e. mounts, cameras, focusers, etc.) and exists while any single device is connected.  For multiple devices of the same type, the Optec ASCOM Server features a second server tab to connect your second telescope and devices for tandem setups.  The Optec implementation is clean, easy to understand, and provides a level of trace logging through the Windows Event Viewer. 

Free to Download and Use:

Download the Optec ASCOM Server using the Download button at right below.  The software now longer requires a license and is free to use. 

Technical Support for the Optec ASCOM Server Software is available from Optec at a rate of $125/hour.  Contact Daniel to schedule a private remote support session.

Optec ASCOM Server Software Installer:

Optec ASCOM ServerOptecASCOMServer(2.0.0).zip
Windows 7 and above.  (release date:  2021/04/13)

ASCOM StandardsAny CPU Installer program for Optec ASCOM Server application.  General purpose ASCOM local server application for use with all ASCOM device types.  This software allows multiple client access for any ASCOM compliant device.

Optec ASCOM Server requires ASCOM Platform 6.3,
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above,
ASCOM 32-bit or 64-bit device drivers,
Windows 7 or newer operating system,
At least 20 MB of hard disk space.

Software copyright 2021 - Optec, Inc.

Download Optec ASCOM Server software

Optec ASCOM Server Help File:

View the Optec ASCOM Server Help File.

 License Agreement:

Read the Optec ASCOM Server License Agreement.