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Section 4.4 - Command List

When connected to the FocusLynx with a direct serial connection, you must use a set of specific commands to control the hub and any focusers attached to it. The basic structure of each command is as follows:

This is the basic structure common to each command. However, the format of the command text varies greatly according to what you want to tell the focuser to do. For a full description of each command, please consult the Command Guide. For a short summary of each command's purpose, find the command text you are looking for on the list below. If you receive errors in response to your commands, please consult the Error List in this document or contact Optec for assistance.

Command List:

Note: The following commands allow you to connect the focuser hub to a new Wi-Fi network. Each submission of information will be stored, but will not be submitted until the Push Wi-Fi Settings command is sent. Before pushing your settings, you must input all necessary information about the Wi-Fi network. So, if you want to change the Wi-Fi SSID, you must also input a security type (and security key and WEP Index if necessary), even if this information has not changed!