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Section 1.3.1 - FocusLynx Commander Installation Instructions

WARNING: Do not plug any focuser into your focuser hub until you have completed the Set Focuser Type step described later in this guide. If you do not wait, you may cause damage to your focuser motor drive assembly.

Installing FocusLynx Commander

To install the FocusLynx Commander control software and ASCOM FocusLynx drivers, please follow these steps:

Congratulations! Your FocusLynx Commander software is installed and ready for configuring with your focuser system.

Opening FocusLynx Commander

For first-time use, FocusLynx Commander will open when the installation is finished unless you specified otherwise.

For later use, you can open FocusLynx Commander by picking one of the following options:




Getting Help

If you encounter any problems during connection, configuration, or operation, please contact Optec Technical Support by telephone or email.