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Telecompressors / Focal Reducers

Optec has a long history of designing and manufacturing exceptional optical correctors and focal reducers beginning in 1995 with the original MAXfield 0.33X corrector/reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.  Coupled with the ST-7 camera, the original MAXfield yielded an effective imaging area nine times larger than the native f/10 SCT's could achieve alone. 

Optec continues this tradition with the NextGen series, the 3-inch NGC corrector line, and the new Lepus long-backfocus telecompressors for the Meade ACF telescopes. 

NextGEN Series

The NextGEN Series is the second generation of telecompressor lens systems designed by Optec. The first generation was available for the early CCD cameras such as the SBIG ST-6 and Meade 416. Improvements in CCD designed has warranted a complete redesign of our telecompressors which we offer now. These designs have been optimized by the premier Zemax optical design program and are made to the highest optical standards. All optical surfaces are polished to a 60-40 cosmetic quality and coated with a hard broadband coating for maximum transmission and durability. No finer telecompressor is available.

NGC316 Telecompressor

Optec's large 3-inch series telecompressors can cover a full 35mm imaging sensor without vignetting.  Click here for more information on the NextGEN 3" NGC316 telecompressor.

Lepus 0.62X Telecompressors

The newest telecompressor available from Optec, the Lepus 0.62X was designed to accommodate well-corrected SCT's. Long back-focus allows the Lepus to cover imaging sensors up to 22mm in diagonal size without vignetting. Multiple models are available that are optimized to work with specific telescope or camera systems. Click here for more information regarding the Lepus line of telecompressors.

Discontinued Telecompressors:

Agos Adapter Kit

Designed by Ted Agos, this lens barrel and spacer kit allows any 43mm optical lens system to be installed into a 2-inch barrel assembly.  Like the NextGEN series, the camera side presents the OPTEC-2100 dovetail for direct insertion into the Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator.  Click here for more information regarding the Agos Adapter Kit.

Apus Webcam Telecompressors and Tele-extenders

Now obsolete, these pages are still available for reference and review.

Original MAXfield 0.33X

Read the original Sky & Telescope review the MAXfield telecompressor by Dennis DiCicco.

Also of interest is "Of Pixel Size & Focal Reducers" by Dennis DiCicco.