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For technical support regarding any Optec product, please contact our support staff directly by email.

Report Software Problems

The development team at Optec strives to deliver you with the best quality product we can. In order to make that possible we rely on your feedback. If you have found a problem with any Optec software or device firmware please submit the details of the issue here.

Optec Yahoo! User Group


The Astronomy community has always been very active on the internet and the members of the Optec User Group provide excellent "hands on" advice.  Member of the Yahoo! Group can often provide answers to many of your questions.  We urge all of our customers to join this group. 

We will always post new product announcements on this forum so members will be the first to know what's new at Optec.  Please join today.

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SSP-4 NIR Photometer User Group

This is an invitation-only group for users of the Optec SSP-4 infrared photometer.


Click the link above to learn more about this select group of SSP-4 users. 

Business Office Contacts

For any inquiries regarding billing, invoicing, accounts payable or receivable, please contact: