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Section 2.4.2 - Using The Remote IN/OUT Keypad with the TCF-Lynx

The FocusLynx focuser hub is fully backward-compatible with the original TCF-S Remote IN/OUT Keypad (Optec stock #17680).  The Remote IN/OUT Keypad plugs directly into the 6-pin DIN temperature probe socket on the TCF-S focuser body in place of the temperature probe and is intended for visual use when temperature compensation is not required.  

As with the original TCF-S implementation, the 2-button keypad is "hot-swappable" with the temperature probe used with the FocusLynx system.  In fact, the Remote  IN/OUT Keypad can be used to override any currently active movements effectively ensuring that you are always in complete control of your  focuser when used in this "manual" mode.

Moreover, the FocusLynx control software and firmware have been designed to accommodate the Remote IN/OUT Keypad when used with the Starlight Instruments focuser cable splitter hub. Therefore, the computer-control programs for the FocusLynx will follow the movements ordered by the remote, thus ensuring that the focuser hub control systems remain in sync with the focuser's physical movements.

The Remote IN/OUT Keypad can be a lower cost alternative to the FocusLynx Hand Control add-on described above.  TCF-S owners wishing to upgrade to the FocusLynx controller system can continue to use their existing keypads.