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Section 2.4.1 - Using The FocusLynx Hand Control

The FocusLynx Hand Control is optionally available to allow control of the FocusLynx controller while at the telescope. The Hand Control provides a digital read-out and IN and OUT focus functionality.  A MODE button is also provided to switch between the two available focusers.  Pressing the MODE button will toggle between a splash screen with the hand control firmware version number, Focuser 1, Focuser 2, and the Sync screen.  Synchronization or "Sync" is a way to set a variable travel, non-homing focuser such as the FeatherTouch with QuickSync (HSM) motor to a specific step position.  Some users will move the focuser all the way in and Sync to position 00000, then move the focuser outward to a position somewhere near the midpoint of travel.  However, a true homing focuser cannot be synced since the focuser travel position is already known.  Attempting to Sync a homing absolute focuser will return an error message.  

The Hand Control should be connected to the Hand Controller port of the FocusLynx control box using either the short or long 4-pin coiled cable included with the package.  Most any telephone handset cable will work but a ferrite core choke may be required for longer cables if the "Waiting for Data" error appears and persists.  

The Hand Control can be plugged in or disconnected anytime without concern about damaging either the FocusLynx control box or the Hand Control.  Using a serial protocol, the PIC in the Hand Control communicates with the main PIC in the FocusLynx box receiving position updates and sending new position requests.  All position changes are instantly communicated to the control PC so that each display system is simultaneaously updated with the current focuser position.

The FocusLynx Hand Control QuickStart Guide describes the various functions of the hand control buttons and can be found on the Hand Control order page: