Accessing The Event Logger

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Section 3.5.1 - Accessing And Configuring The FocusLynx Commander Event Logger

While using FocusLynx Commander, if the program encounters any sort of problem, it will notify you with an error message describing the problem. If this problem is consistently and preventing you from using the program the way you need to use it, we highly recommend contacting Optec Technical Support for assistance.

FocusLynx Commander has been programmed with the capability to log every major event that occurs during normal program operations, as well as the full details of every error that is capable of occurring.

When preparing to contact Optec for support, having your FocusLynx Commander error log at the ready and, if possible, sending that log to Optec can greatly increase our ability to solve your your problem quickly and completely.

If you are contacting Optec for support, we also recommend following the other guidelines outlined in the Contacting Optec Technical Support section of this manual.

Configuring Event Logging

By default, the FocusLynx Commander event logger will only log major errors. However, the logger can be configured to include more mundane events in its logging, or to remove all events completely.

Accessing Event Logs

Events logged by the event logger are stored in the Windows Event Viewer utility.

To access FocusLynx event logs in the event viewer:

Saving Event Logs