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Pyxis  Series

Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator

The Pyxis 2" Rotator is the original in Optec's line of rotators. The Pyxis was designed specifically to work with SBIG's ST line of CCD cameras, but its ability to de-rotate objects is powerful with any camera. The Pyxis has a holding torque strong enough to support and rotate ST cameras without any slip whatsoever. The Pyxis is completely computer-controlled, requiring the provided computer software and a serial connection to a computer to operate properly.

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Pyxis 3"Camera Field Rotator

The Pyxis 3" Rotator is a larger and more powerful counterpart to the Pyxis 2", designed to hold large instrument packages without any flex or wobble. With a resolution of 0.01875 degrees per step, rotation of the central tube or derotation of long-exposure Alt-Az images will pose no problem to this instrument. Like its smaller cousin, the Pyxis 3" requires computer software to function, so be aware that proper cabling is a necessity.

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Pyxis LE Camera Field Rotator

The Pyxis LE Rotator is by far the most versatile of the Pyxis rotators. Based on a design created by Ted Agos of Acorn Hollow Observatory, the Pyxis LE is very lightweight and is the thinnest rotator on the market! These attributes are extremely valuable for instrument packages requiring low back-focus or including smaller, highly-balanced cameras.

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