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Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector

Optec's 4-port Instrument Selector allows the remote observatory user the ability to remotely select any of four instrument packages attached to their telescope.

Now in the third generation, Optec's Perseus Instrument Selector GEN3 is the latest in multiple instrument automation. Perseus GEN3 features both USB/Serial and Ethernet communications with iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone control. With a reliable stepper motor from Lin Engineering and completely redesigned control circuit, the Perseus is more robust than ever. A hard mechanical stop ensures repeatible positional accuracy with each port. Optec's Perseus GEN3 Instrument Selector is the undisputed standard for multiple instrument clusters attached to any observatory class telescope.


There are four instrument ports - three 2-inch ports and one 3-inch port available with the Perseus.  In the video below, the mirror is not yet attached to the prototype but it is an 1/8th wave first surface elliptical mirror with a 3-inch minor axis.

The embedded circuit has a single push button interface for use at the telescope and an RS232 DB9 interface for remote control.  LED indicators show the currently selected instrument.


Perseus Back-Focus dimensions

4-port Selector back-focus dimensions
Adobe 3D PDF - Optec's 4-port Instrument SelectorAdobe 3D PDF - Optec's 4-port Instrument Selector- transparent


Perseus Commander software and ASCOM driver

Perseus Installations

Oxford University has fielded multiple Perseus Instrument Selectors worldwide.  Photos above courtesy Professor Katherine Blundell showing the GEN2 version Perseus Instrument Selector.

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