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Variable Length Camera Mounts

NEW!  VLC - Variable Length Camera Adapters

Designed for use with Lepus, NextGen, and NGC 214 Telecompressors

The Optec Variable Length Camera Adapters make setting your camera at the perfect back-focus distance quick and simple. Four different models allow you to connect your camera to the Optec Lepus, NextGEN, or NGC 214 telecompressor with a variable back-focus range of 17mm.  Each VLC adapter can be adjusted for any distance between 25mm to 42mm. Refer to the back-focus diagram for your NextGEN, NGC, or Lepus telecompressor lens to determine the optimal back-focus distance for your configuration.

Each VLC adapter has a precision engraved scale showing the distance in millimeters from the T-thread or STL-thread seat to the base of the adapter.  When calculating the back-focus distance for your telecompressor and camera setup, use the engraved scale to set the correct distance remaining after subracting for the camera sensor depth, filter wheel thickness, OAG thickness, etc.  Using the included locking ring, sub-millimeter precision can be achieved for setting the camera back-focus to telecompressor distance exactly at the optimum location. 

Available in four models, the VLC adapters are available with T-thread or STL 2.156"x24tpi thread used in many SBIG, QSI and other cameras.  VLC adapters are available to fit the 2.1-inch OPTEC-2100 dovetail on the Lepus or NextGEN telescompressors, or the male STL thread on the camera side of the #19405 Lepus-STL and NGC214 model telecompressors. These Variable Length Camera adapters can be used in place of the fixed length NextGEN and Lepus camera mounting plates, or in combination with the T-thread extenders available from Optec or many other manufacturers.

VLC Adapter Models:

Variable Length Camera Adapter Instructions:

Lepus VLC Step-by-Step Installation and Usage Instructions.


Feel free to call or email Optec Sales with any questions regarding back-focus, camera mounts, and telecompressor performance in general.