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Lepus 0.62X Standard Edition

Standard Edition Lepus 0.62X telecompressor lens designed for use with any telescope having the TCF-S or other 2-inch focuser in place.  Works well with Meade ACF f/10 and f/8 coma-free SCT telescopes.  The Lepus 0.62X Standard Edition is housed in a 2-inch barrel-like assembly and will fit into any telescope receiver for standard 2-inch eyepieces. 

The camera side connection for the Lepus 0.62X telecompressor is a broad dovetail known as the OPTEC-2100.  The proper back-focus distance to the camera image plane is maintained with Optec's custom camera-specific Lepus mounts available separately below.  The OPTEC-2100 interface also allows easy connection to the Pyxis 2" rotator in place of the standard 2-inch nosepiece.  When connected to the camera, Lepus will appear as a long 2-inch nosepiece that fits into any 2-inch focuser or eyepiece receiver. 

Special DSLR adapters are available from stock for Canon and Nikon cameras which hold and maintain the 100mm on-axis back-focus distance. 

The Lepus can be used with other telescope designs but is not parfocal.  Therefore, some re-focusing will be required.  Performance is not guaranteed with all telescope optical designs and the Lepus is not recommended for use with Ritchey-Chretien telescopes.

Customer Images:

Paul Burke provided this image of M1 taken through a Meade 14" RCX telescope and Lepus telecompressor.  Total LRGB exposure length was 210 minutes.  Paul was one of the early adopters of the Lepus 0.62X and among the very first to try it with the original Meade RCX OTA. 

"In all I was very pleased with the 6.2 reducer and the Meade 14 R. The chip illumination was even across the chip, I didn’t use any flats in the processing of the M1 image (if you look hard you can see the doughnuts!). The only problem I had was the collimation of the scope. At that reduction the collimation has to be right on, I did get some edge comma but re-collimated and it was gone."

Image courtesy Paul Burke, 2011.

Telescope-Side Compatibility:

Camera-Side Compatibility:

Camera Mount Required:

Note that the #19407 Lepus - Standard Edition does not include a camera specific mount.  Be sure to order one of the Variable Length Camera mounts or contact Optec Sales for advice on a fixed length camera mount suited to match your imaging system.   Most fixed length custom camera mounts are available for $60 USD.

Back-Focus Diagram:

#19407 Lepus 0.62X - Standard Edition diagram showing the optimal back-focus distance to image sensor.
How to Order:

Contact any Optec dealer, call Toll-Free 1-888-488-0381, email, or visit our ecommerce site: optecinc.us.

Additional Details and Reviews:

Meade LX850 ACF f/8 telescope owner Andrew Santangelo writes:

"Needless to say, I am MASSIVELY impressed with the Lepus 0.62x! For only $259.00 - $199.00 for the Lepus 0.62x Telecompressor 2” barrel mount and $60 for the Lepus camera adapter you get a very well built, optically excellent telecompressor for your Meade f/8 ACF, bringing the optical tube to approximately f/5."

Review courtesy Andrew Santangelo of Rio Rancho, New Mexico - copyright 2014 and available here:

LX850 - The Adventure! Review: The Lepus 0.62X Telecompressor

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