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IFW Details

CFW-8/9/10 compatiblity mode available using CCDOps. SBIG control cable required.

Serial COM port interface compatible with CCDSoft version 5 or above or MaxIm DL/CCD version 3 or above.

IFW and TCF-S mounted on a Meade 16" SCT

The IFW can be controlled by either the pushbutton switches on the hand control, an SBIG camera controller, or by an external computer via an RS-232 serial interface or COM port. The RS-232 operating protocol is a set of simple ASCII commands that any programmer can easily implement.

While any software capable of controlling the SBIG CFW-8/9/10 filter wheel can immediately control the IFW using the pulse mode, most of the popular camera control software writers have elected to control the IFW directly with the serial interface. This allows the filter name to be readily available to the camera control program. Optec's own IFW control software can be used for the editing the filter descriptions and also for filter selection. The Optec control software is an open program and the source code is provided to be examined after the installation.

Swapping filter wheels takes only seconds and does NOT require removing the camera from the telescope. Play this short video to see how easy changing filter wheels can be.

The wheel is turned by a friction roller that engages a Neoprene O-ring that is mounted on the outside circumference of the wheel. Quiet and accurate, the IFW takes only a couple of seconds to change filters. Position accuracy and repeatability is +/-0.015 inches referenced to the center of the filters. The IFW adds about 1 inch to the back-focus distance.

Various telescope and camera adapters are available to fit most configurations.

IFW Cross Sectional View        IFW Filter Wheel Drawing