FocusLynx Dual-Focus Control System

Intelligent Automation for Telescope Focus Control

Optec's FocusLynx Controller has a proven track record with years of field experience offering multiple connection methods.  FocusLynx is capable of operating two focusers simultaneously.  With full ASCOM compliance and multiple connection methods, FocusLynx is the most advanced telescope focus controller available.

FocusLynx  was presented with a Star Products award for Astronomy Magazine's fifth annual event in 2014. 

The official award reads, "Advanced astrophotographers appreciate the precise focusing control offered by the FocusLynx Focuser Hub.  With this product in place, you can adjust up to two Optec or Starlight focusers simultaneously and independently via a computer, smartphone, or optional hand controller."

Multiple Ways to Connect

The FocusLynx Control Hub acts as the central controller to link one or two focusers to any control PC.   The hub includes communication ports for Serial and USB (using Optec's USB/Serial cable) and wired Ethernet Network protocols as standard.  An optional WiFi board and antenna can be added and installed at any time.  Focuser 1 and Focuser 2 ports are available at the top of the FocusLynx hub with 12VDC Power, Network, optional Hand Control, and Serial connection ports available at the bottom.  An optional aluminum mounting plate makes it easy to mount the FocusLynx Hub to any telescope pier or mount. 

Multiple Software Options

Using the ASCOM Local Server model, Optec's FocusLynx Commander software allows multiple clients to connect simultaneously to the FocusLynx hub.  Additionally, embedded webservers in the wired Ethernet and WiFi connections enable FocusLynx to generate a control interface accessible through any web browser or smartphone. Free Android and iPhone applications search the local network and load the interactive webpages.  Because these pages are generated by the hub itself, once you are connected, there is no further configuration required: just connect to your focusers and enjoy remote wireless focus control with the optional 802.11 WiFi add-on. 

Any ASCOM client, Mac users of TheSky X or Equinox, or any web browser can be used to control either or both focusers attached to the FocusLynx hub.

Multiple Focusers to Control

The FocusLynx Control Hub can be used with a variety of focusers and focus motor add-ons.  Sold as part of the TCF-Lynx, TCF-Lynx3, and FastFocus focuser packages, FocusLynx can be configured as a true absolute focus controller.  Using Optec's DirectSync QuickSync or Starlight Instrument's Handy Stepper Motor, FocusLynx can also control the TEC, FeatherTouch, Stellarvue, and other manual focusers with step counting circuitry to function as an ASCOM absolute focuser. Special cables can be used to control most unipolar motors including the MicroTouch and Robo-Focus motors. The optional second stepper daughter board allows use of the Focuser 2 port to control a second focuser of any type.

Multiple Options Available

Each FocusLynx package comes complete with everything needed to connect.  An optional Hand Control, WiFi add-on board, second stepper controller, mounting plate, precision external temperature probe, and motor-specific cables round out a complete integrated package. 

Contact Optec Sales or any of our Dealers for a system specifically configured for your telescope rig or observatory. 


FocusLynx Commander Software

Visit the FocusLynx Software Downloads Page for the latest updates and ASCOM driver, FocusLynx Commander control software and additional resources.

ASCOM StandardsFocusLynx Commander creates an ASCOM Local Server or hub to allow multiple clients access for communication and control of the attached focusers.  By using the local server model, FocusLynx offers an easily configurable user experience for all Windows ASCOM programs.

X2 Control for Mac and Non-ASCOM Applications

With TheSky X native X2 drivers, Mac users can enjoy fully integrated control of FocusLynx in the latest TSX builds.  Windows users of TheSky X can also enjoy native X2 control without requiring the ASCOM platform. 

Detailed Documentation

Optec provides Quick Start Guides, full Help files, wiring diagrams, and a detailed Programmer's Reference documents for developers interested in programming their own control applications.  The latest FocusLynx Command Processing document is always available from our Downloads page along with the latest drivers and resource files.