Discontinued - Product no longer available for purchase.

Lacerta for Lodestar FOAG

FocusLockNew FOAG Hardware Kit for the Lodestar

FocusLockDeveloped in partnership with Innovations Foresight, Optec's new Lacerta for Lodestar and FocusLock auto-focus software integrates patent pending SharpLock Technology to provide an easy-to-use focusing application that functions whenever guiding is active.  When using the ONAG On-Axis Guider a cold-mirrorr passes infrared light to the guide camera while reflecting visible wavelengths on to the imaging camera.  The cold-mirror introduces a slight astigmatism to the guide image allowing FocusLock to quickly determine on which side of focus the camera is currently positioned.   The Lacerta add-on kit allows a similar functionality for Lodestar and Lodestar X2 guide cameras.  Using the proprietary SharpLock technology, FocusLock can be used to quickly drive the focuser to the optimal focus position and maintain focus for weeks or months at a time.

Lacerta for Lodestar Hardware Kit

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