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Optec is a design and manufacturing firm specializing in electro-optical products used in astronomy, atmospheric science and microscopy. We are located in the town of Lowell, Michigan near the banks of the Grand River. Our company is small but we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the design and manufacture of our products.

Does Temperature Compensation Really Work?

"Diffraction Does Not Lie" -a famous scientist with funny hair.

Watch a Bahtinov Mask demonstration showing Temperature Compensation in Action.  What else to do on a night with really bad skies?  How about a test?  Using only the built-in temperature compensation of the TCF-S focuser, this video demonstrates that temperature compensation can be very effective at keeping a telescope in focus throughout even minor temperature changes.

Now Shipping! - FocusLynx TEC Packages

#19777 & #19690 - FocusLynx DirectSync TEC Kit:

New Direct Drive Motor:  DirectSync TEC

Intelligent electronic focusing for the TEC140 Large Focuser.

DirectSync allows motorized AND manual focusing without tools.  Simply disengage the motor to manually adjust your focus, re-engage and synchronize using the FocusLynx Control Hub software.  DirectSync TEC does it all....

Complete packages available for $725.  Visit our DirectSync TEC page or contact Optec for pricing and delivery information.

FocusLynx QuickSync FT Packages:

Also available from stock, the QuickSync FT is available for all FeatherTouch focuser models.  Contact Optec Sales for more information and special kit pricing.

#19070 - Alnitak Astrosystems Flip-Mask

Remotely Controlled Bahtinov Mask

Building on the success of the Alnitak Astrosystems Flip-Flat, Optec has designed two new products:  a robotic Remote Dust Cover for larger OTA's in remote locations, and the remotely controlled Bahtinov Mask.

Click here to order the Flip-Mask today!

#19075 - Alnitak Remote Dust Cover

Some of our customers have been testing the new Flip-Mask Dust Cover in various sizes for a variety of OTA's.  One beta-tester provided the video above showing the new Remote Dust Cover mounted on his Deep Sky Instruments RC14 telescope. 

Contact Optec sales to order this new Alnitak device to fit your telescope. Prices starting at just $395 (Stock no. 19075).

#19706  TCF-Lynx3,  3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser

TCF-Lynx3 3-inch FocuserCombining the versatility of the FocusLynx Focuser Control Hub and the extreme robust mechanical design of the original TCF-S3 3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser, the new TCF-Lynx3 combines the best of both worlds!  Our new stock #19706 includes a new low-impedance 50:1 gearhead bipolar stepper motor and the new FocusLynx control hub with capability to drive a second focuser, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB/serial connectivity. 

The TCF-Lynx3 along with our new 3-inch to 2-inch and 2-inch to 1-1/4 inch self-centering compression collars shown above help to create the most robust and concentric hardware focuser solution available.