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Optec is a design and manufacturing firm specializing in electro-optical products used in astronomy, atmospheric science and microscopy. We are located in the town of Lowell, Michigan near the banks of the Grand River. Our company is small but we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the design and manufacture of our products.

TCF-LEO Low-Profile Temperature Compensating Focuser

Optec provided a sneak-peak of our new focuser at NEAF in New York over the weekend.  The new TCF-LEO is the newest in our line of temperature compensating focusers.  This thin low-profile focuser has a minimum thickness of only 1.25" and 0.35-inches of travel or about 9mm. 

We anticipate the TCF-LEO will help many imagers struggling with minimal back-focus on scopes such as the Celestron EdgeHD C1100 and C1400.  TCF-LEO is designed to fit between the mirror lock-knobs on those scopes and will work well with the Innovation Foresight On-Axis Guider as well as the large Perseus 3-inch port.  More information will follow.

Sky & Telescope Hot Product - Gemini Focusing Rotator

Introducing a new heavy duty combination rotator and focuser now available for purchase. Capable of handling extremely large camera loads, the Gemini Focusing Rotator will offer a level of performance unparalleled by anything in its price range. 

The Gemini Focusing Rotator is now available from stock!

Visit our dedicated Gemini webpages for additional details and ordering information. 

Based upon the success of the FocusLynx Control system, the new Gemini can be controlled through serial, USB, wired Ethernet and 802.11b WiFi networks.  Gemini features two stepper motors with rotation and focus in one compact device.  At only 2-1/4" thickness and 1/2-inch of travel, the Gemini will fit telescopes and long camera packages that previously could not be supported. 

Contact us by email (sales@optecinc.com) or join the Optec Yahoo Group for notifications as details become available.

New Optec ASCOM Server software

ASCOM StandardsOptec ASCOM ServerOptec has developed a univeral ASCOM local server to connect any serial ASCOM device to multiple simultaneous clients.  Simliar to a hub, the Optec ASCOM Server functions transparently in the background to manage multiple requests for control of mounts, focusers, rotators, filter wheels, cameras or any device with a valid ASCOM driver. 

Click here for more information or to Download a free 60-day trial!  A full licensed copy is only $25 with 1-year of support and upgrades.

New! FocusLock Auto-Focus Software for the ONAG

FocusLockFocusLock  Fast, Continuous Telescope Focus Control

Developed in partnership with Innovations Foresight, Optec's new FocusLock software integrates patent pending SharpLock Technology to provide an easy-to-use focusing application that functions whenever guiding is active.  SharpLock has received a Sky & Telescope Hot Product award for 2016.    When using the ONAG On-Axis Guider a cold-mirror passes infrared light to the guide camera while reflectiing visible wavelengths on to the imaging camera.  The cold-mirror introduces a slight astigmatism to the guide image allowing FocusLock to quickly determine on which side of focus the camera is currently positioned. 

Using the proprietary SharpLock technology, FocusLock can be used to quickly drive the focuser to the optimal focus position and maintain focus for weeks or months at a time.

Full details and Download links available on the FocusLock webpage.

Updated TCF-S driver - Now with ASCOM Local Server

TCF-S FocuserASCOM StandardsOptec has just released a new version of the TCF-S driver software.  Fully compatible with older TCF focusers, version 6 now includes an ASCOM Local Server with the Optec TCF-S Commander acting as a client.  This major change now allows the Optec program to be open and connected simultaneously with other ASCOM clients including Maxim D/L, Sequence Generator Pro, and TheSky X. 

The improvements to the Temperature Compensation routines alone are worth the update.  Now, with the improved Temp Comp Learn Wizard you will have both slope (temperature coefficient, or TC) and the intercept.  This allows the focuser to immediately move to the current best focus position upon startup.  Many users are finding no need to re-focus their telescope for months at a time.

V6.03 includes an ASCOM Local Server for multiple client connections.  This latest version has been tested for successful installation and operation with Windows 10 and ASCOM Platform 6.3.  Visit the TCF-S Focuser Download page for addtional details and to obtain the free software.

New DirectSync SV motor for Stellarvue SV focuser

FocusLynx DirectSync SVThe FocusLynx DirectSync SV system adds precision motor control to the Stellarvue SVF25 2.5-inch and 3-inch Focusers.  Kits are availalbe including the FocusLynx focus controller and new DirectSync SV digital motor with built-in temperature sensor.  The new DirectSync SV motor provides a direct drive motor that can be easily disengaged for manual focusing. The DirectSync SV motor kit is easy to install and provides a digital focusing solution that also allows manual focus when at the telescope.

Visit the DirectSync SV page for more information.  Owners of the smaller Stellarvue 2-inch focusers should visit our QuickSync SV page for additional details and ordering information.