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OEM Optical Couplers

Optec Incorporated has designed and manufactured many custom and OEM production electro-optical devices for over 20 years. Our specialty is the creation of couplers for telescopes, microscopes, illumination/filter and detector systems in the visible and near IR. We have special technology, experience and resources that allow us to design and manufacture innovative and cost-effective products in these areas. Optec also has the complete manufacturing tools to produce whatever quantity of OEM products that you need. Call us today for a formal quote.

Optec has the experience and tools to do the job

Optec, Inc. supplies Diagnostic Instruments of Sterling Heights, Michigan, with designs and optical sub-assemblies for their line of camera to microscope couplers. The products offered by Optec vary from simple 3-element achromatic systems to complex 10-element apochromatic designs for special microscope applications.