Frequently Asked Questions

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General Pre-sales Questions:

What payment methods do you accept?

Generally, we accept all typical forms of payment: Credit Cards, PayPal, Personal Check, Money Order, Wire Transfers, International Letters of Credit with certain restrictions, and cash.

You can leave your credit card details on our secure server located at:

After we retrieve the credit card information it will be deleted from the secure server and kept at Optec for future orders unless you request that we delete it from our internal servers as well. 


What adapters and mounts do I need?

This is the most common question we receive. Adapting our products to your telescope and camera setup can be confusing and challenging. While our new quote creator is a great place to start, it may not provide the entire picture. Give us a call or email your specific setup questions. We'll do our best to provide the advice to make your system work optimally before you place your order.

Specific Product Support Questions:

Most of our support questions are typically associated with a specific product. As we develop these FAQ pages the links below will be activated. For now, click the link to go to the product line's informational page. For immediate answers, give us a call.

You may find the answers to your questions somewhere on the internet such as the Optec Support Group on Yahoo. If you find a good tip or answer send us a link.

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