Configuring USB Converters

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Section 3.1.1 - Configuring USB-To-Serial Converters

The FocusLynx package includes a special USB/Serial Cable designed by Optec to work with nearly all Optec serial devices.  The device used in the cable is based on the FTDI chipset.  Most current operating systems include native drivers for these USB-to-serial converter devices.  Windows 7 and higher will automatically load the proper device driver upon initial use.  The very latest drivers for Windows and Mac are available directly from the Optec and FTDI websites.  

Generally, the FocusLynx Commander software will list only valid and available COM ports in the Connection Setup section of the Focuser Setup dialog boxes.  However, if you are unsure which COM port has been assigned to your USB/Serial cable or USB-to-Serial converter, you may need to check the Device Manager in Windows. The instructions for Windows XP below provide the easiest way to install the converter drivers and configure the USB-to-Serial port converter when using an older operating system.  Windows 7 and newer operating systems do not generally require the steps below, but will quickly locate and load the proper device driver when plugging the USB/Serial Cable into a USB port.

To display the Device Manager in Windows, click Control Panel on the Start menu, or right-click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. Select Device Manager under System Tools.