Alnitak Flat-Fielder Software Downloads

Alnitak Flat-Fielder EL PanelAlnitak Electroluminescent Panels for Astronomical Imaging

Alnitak Technical Manuals:

Alnitak Astrosystems Software Quick Start Guide, Revision 7.

Download and print the Alnitak Astrosystems Quick Start guide for the Alnitak Software.

Alnitak Astrosystems Installation Manual and Software Reference Guide, Revision 10 - August 2012.

Download and print the Alnitak Flat Fielding Devices Installation Manual and Software Reference Guide.

Alnitak Astrosystems Flip Flat and Flat Man Serial Command List,   Revision 4 - June 2017.

Download and print the Alnitak Generic Serial Command List.

Alnitak Flat Field Device Software Installers:

NOTE:  In most cases, the most recent AA Installer installer package and the FTDI USB-to-Serial Driver installer are both required for new installations. The AA installer will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. The FTDI x86 installer should be used for 32-bit Windows platforms, and the FTDI x64 installer should be used for 64-bit Windows platforms.Screenshot of Alnitak software

Pyxis LE Camera Field RotatorThe Alnitak Astrosystems Controller and Driver installer below offers the following:

Software component versions:

Alnitak .NET Library Version: Version
FTD2XX_NET.dll Version:
FTD2XX.dll Version: 3.02.00

Alnitak Flat Fielding DevicesOptecAASetup(1.4.0).zip
Windows 32-bit  (release date:  2021/06/10)

Windows Installer program for the Alnitak Astrosystems Controller and Driver version 1.4.0.  Drivers and control programs for all Alnitak flat fielding devices. Includes standalone program, driver, serial terminal application, and PDF help file. 

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or higher.
Requires ASCOM platform version 6.5 or higher.
Software copyright 2021 - Optec, Inc. (Free to distribute.)

Download Alnitak Flat Field Device Control Program and Drivers

FTDI USB driver FTDI drivers can be found on the FTDI USB-to-Serial Converter page.

Download FTDI Drivers

Alnitak Alpaca  Installers:

Visit our new download pages for ASCOM Alpaca drivers for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

Special Note for ACP and Maxim D/L Users:

If you are using your Alnitak device with Maxim D/L as a simulated filter wheel, you may need to copy the FTD2XX.dll and FTD2XX_NET.dll from the Alnitak folder [default: C:\Program Files\Optec\Alnitak Astrosystems Controller\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\Optec\Alnitak Astrosystems Controller\ for 64-bit systems] to the Maxim D/L program folder to maintain functionality of the Flip-Flat as a filter wheel.

Contact Optec Technical Support if you encounter any problems after installing this software.