"Ultra-Wedge" for Meade 16-inch


Optec's Massive Wedge for Meade's Largest Scope

Optec has developed a massive wedge assembly, nicknamed the "Ultra-Wedge" for the proper mounting of the Meade 16-inch LX-200 telescope in an equatorial configuration. There are no equals for this wedge which is both exceptionally strong and rigid yet can be positioned with fine screw adjustments for both altitude and azimuth to fractional arc-minute accuracy. Made from 5/8-inch thick plates of 6061 aluminum alloy, the Optec wedge is precision machined to the end user's latitude with about 7 degrees of altitude adjustment. Azimuth adjustment is also limited to about 7 degrees. The wedge is designed to fit on top of a concrete pier with large screw anchors in the four corners. All fasteners are made from stainless steel and the plates are black anodized for maximum corrosion protection.

For the precision motion necessary to accomplish astro-imaging with modern CCD cameras and robotic control software, it is vital that the telescope be mounted with no compromise to rigidity and accuracy of the polar alignment.

The Widener University Observatory uses the Optec wedge to mount a Meade 16" LX-200. Click here to visit the Widener Observatory web site which has many pictures and more information about their observatory and telescope.