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Temperature Setup

Beginning with Optec's TCF-S Control program version 1.30 (available here), users have the ability to set their own temperature coefficients using Focus-Max or any other camera/focuser control package by following the instructions below: 

  1. Obtain a good focus using Focus-Max, Maxim DL, CCDSoft, CCDOPS, etc.
  2. Connect to the TCF-S / TCF-S3 [File – Connect].
  3. Start the setup process [Setup – Learn Temperature Coefficients].
  4. Click “Start” in the Learn Temperature Coefficient window.
  5. Learn Temperature Coefficient window, return to TCF-S Control window and Disconnect [File – Disconnect].
  6. Continue imaging with your camera control program and wait for a 5-degree or greater temperature change.
  7. When ready to find the ending data point, obtain a good focus.
  8. Connect to the TCF-S / TCF-S3 again, click on Learn Temperature Coefficient window and click “End”.
  9. Click the “Calculate” button and verify a reasonable value for “TC =”.
  10. If satisfied, save the new value as Auto-A or Auto-B temperature coefficient [File – Save TC to Mode A] or Mode B.
  11. Verify the new temperature coefficient [Setup – Edit Temperature and Delay Values].