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Discontinued - No Longer Available for Purchase

See Optec Lepus #19407 for recommended replacement product.

Agos Adapter Kit

#17408 - Agos Adapter f/6.3 Focal Reducer Kit.


Agos Adapter Focal Reducer KitTed Agos of the Acorn Hollow Observatory has designed this retrofit kit for converting any standard Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer/field flattener into a 2-inch barrel mount similar to the Optec NextGen series of telecompressors.  Like the NextGen line, the Agos Adapter Kit allows any telecompressor lens set having a 43mm diameter lens grouping to be inserted into a TCF-S focuser and used with the Pyxis 2-inch camera field rotator. 

The #17408 can be used with 0.63X telecompressors manufactured by Celestron, Meade, Antares and Hirsch.   Each telecompressor consists of a 4-element optics set consisting of two doublet pairs separated by a spacer.  This kit requires the optics be removed from the native threaded lens holder and installed into the included 2-inch lens barrel. The lens grouping must be installed intact without alteration and in the same direction.  Two additional brass spacers, one 1/4" and one 1/2" in length, and a slotted retaining ring complete the kit. 

The design back-focus for each of these telecompressors is 105mm when attached directly to the rear cell of the SCT telescope.  By varying the spacers some adjustment can be made to accommodate various camera, filter wheel, rotator, and, in some cases, adaptive optics units.   

Buyers can choose to install the lens sets themselves or Optec technicians will perform the work at no charge.  Purchasers selecting this option must send their existing telecompressor to Optec for this work to be performed.  All parts will be returned along with the Agos Adapter.

Once installed, the Agos Adapter simply "push-fits" into any 2-inch focuser.  On the camera side a 2.1-inch diameter dovetail can be used in place of the standard 2-inch nosepiece of the Pyxis 2-inch camera field rotator.  A typical imaging train consisting of the Pyxis, CFW8, and SBIG ST-2000 camera will work quite well without additional spacing.  For imagers not using the Pyxis rotator, a camera mount must be added of appropriate length as shown in this diagram.  Typical NextGen camera mounts terminate in male T-threads, C-mounts, Pentax or SBIG 2.156"mounts.  Contact Optec for specific back-focus or compatibility questions.

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Cut-Away ViewAgos Adapter Kit Cut-away View

Back-focus calculationAgos Adapter Kit Back-Focus Calculation

Unfortunately Ted passed away in 2012 but his webpages are still available for viewing on the internet thanks to his longtime friend, Pete Peterson.

Visit Ted's original webpage describing the f/6.3 focal reducer here.