DirectSync SVX30 with ThirdLynx

Direct Drive Focus Motor for the Stellarvue Focusers

NEW Integrated Third Lynx Controller

The new All-in-One ThirdLynx DirectSync SVX30 motor is an aftermarket add-on for the Stellarvue SVF25 2.5-inch and SVF30 3-inch native Focusers. The DirectSync SVX30 includes an integrated ThirdLynx control circuit with built-in temperature sensor. The new DirectSync SVX30 motor provides a direct drive motor that can be easily disengaged for manual focusing. The DirectSync SVX30 motor kit is easy to install and provides a digital focusing solution that also allows manual focus when at the telescope. 

Full details and installation instructions will be availlable with the full release. 

DirectSync SVX30 Motor for the Stellarvue SVF25 and SVF30 focuser

FocusLynx DirectSync SVX30The FocusLynx DirectSync SVX30  package was designed especially for the Stellarvue 2.5 and 3-inch native focusers and offers greater positional repeatability than the original FocusLynx QuickSync SV package.  With a direct gearing system that leaves the planetary reduction assembly and unique tensioning system intact, DirectSync SVX30 can achieve greater positional repeatability and carry imaging camera packages in excess of 5 kg (11-lbs).

With an integrated 3rd generation ThirdLynx control circuit, DirectSync SVX can be used in both manual and automatic focusing modes.  Fully ASCOM compliant, FocusLynx Commander software works in conjunction with higher level client software such as FocusMax and Maxim D/L as well as CCDSoft and TheSky X to provide auto-focusing for a wide variety of manual focusers. 

Compatible with:

  • Stellarvue SVF25 2-1/2-inch focuser,
  • Stellarvue SVF30 3-inch focuser,
  • Stellarvue -25SV 2-1/2-inch focuser,
  • Stellarvue -3SV 3-inch focuser,
  • Many Stellarvue model telescopes including:
    • SV080ST-25SV,
    • SV80-3SV,
    • SVR102T-25SV 102mm Raptor.

NOTE:  For Access and SVQ models, see our #19776 DirectSync APO motor.  For larger Stellarvue focusers, see our #19780 DirectSync SV35 motors.



DirectSync SVX30 Motor (#19978) FocusLynx DirectSync SVX
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