DirectSync ACF for Meade Telescopes

Discontinued - Product no longer available for purchase.

See DirectSync ACFX motor with integrated ThirdLynx controller.

Meade ACF Motorized Focuser with FocusLynx

#19775 - DirectSync ACF for the Meade "Reverse-Crayford" Focusers

Optec's new DirectSync ACF focus motor is the perfect solution for both manual and automatic focusing available.  Combined with Optec's FocusLynx Dual-Focuser controller system, DirectSync ACF allows imagers to quickly switch between manual dual-speed focusing or auto-focus using ASCOM tools such as FocusMax, Sequence Generator Pro, or @Focus3.

Meade's newest Advanced Coma-Free Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (ACF SCT) offer some of the best views and imaging opportunities to the amateur astronomer. is the perfect solution designed to motorize Meade's f/8 ACF telescopes with the dual-speed focuser. 

Meade's Internal Reverse Crayford Focuser

Meade introduced the innovative internal Crayford-style primary mirror focusing system with the f/8 LX-800 Advanced Coma-Free telescopes.  The dual speed 7:1 focuser features a large focus mechanism with fine and coarse focus knobs.  All current Meade f/8 ACF telescopes include this outstanding focuser. 

As described in the Meade LX800 Instruction Manual, the ACF features an "Internal Crayford-style primary mirror focusing system with a dual speed 7:1 focus control, on ACF OTA’s, eliminates image shift and mirror flop. Precise focus is a snap (patent pending) "

Now Available with Integrated ThirdLynx Controller

Visit our new website for the DirectSync ACFX motor with integrated ThirdLynx control circuit.  Fully compatible with all FocusLynx software drivers.

DirectSync ACF Motor Installation

Installation of the DirectSync ACF motor is easy to accomplish and requires removing the fine and coarse focus knobs.  A replacement geared coarse focus knob is installed and easily adjusted.  Meade's fine focus knob is re-used maintaining the smooth, 7:1 dual speed focuser motion.  With DirectSync's unique clutch design, manual focus can be performed at the scope while motor engagement requires only a slight twist of the motor housing.  A more elegant solution does not exist.

Click here for the DirectSync ACF Installation instructions. 

 FocusLynx Control Hub

Coupled with the FocusLynx controller, DirectSync ACF can be used in both manual and automatic focusing modes.  Fully ASCOM compliant, FocusLynx Commander software works in conjunction with higher level client software such as FocusMax and Maxim D/L as well as CCDSoft and TheSky X to provide auto-focusing for a wide variety of manual focusers. 


DirectSync ACF Motor (#19775) FocusLynx DirectSync ACF
FocusLynx Controller (#19690)
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The DirectSync ACF includes the #19775 DirectSync ACF motor only for owners of the FocusLynx Control Hub. Other options may be ordered separately.

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