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Camera Adapters

How do you attach your camera?

Over the years, Optec has developed dozens of adapters and custom fittings for various cameras and mounts.  While most astronomical cameras have a female T-thread mount, many of the larger chip cameras are now being offered with even larger mechanical interfaces, such as the relatively new 3-inch 24tpi female mount available on Apogee, SBIG, and a modified version on the FLI cameras.   However, there are a variety of other mounts such as the STL 4-bolt mount.

We classify our camera mounts by the size and shape of the "telescope" side mechanical interface for a typical configuration.  These mounts correspond to many of our astronomy products.  For example:

We continue to develop new adapters every day.  Click the links below or use the search box at the left of the page  to find a suitable adapter for your camera or feel free to Contact us if you just want someone to tell you the best mounting options. 

OPTEC-2300 Dovetail Mount

Camera Adapters for the NextGen telescompressors

The OPTEC-2300 circular dovetail mount is used for the TCF-S focuser and IFW filter wheel to allow easy connections from most any camera. If your scope or accessory is not listed, do not hesitate to call.

OPTEC-2380 Threaded Mounting Rings

Adapters for the IFW Universal Mounting Ring

The OPTEC-2380 circular dovetail mount is used for the IFW Intelligent Filter Wheel and Perseus 4-port selector parfocalizing rings to attach most cameras and accessories.

OPTEC-3000 Camera Adapters

3-inch Diameter Adapters for the TCF-S3, Pyxis 3", and IFW 3"

Additional 3-inch Adapters

Male-to-Male Thread Adapter

Male-to-T-Thread Adapter

Male-to-STL 2.156" Adapter